Knotless box braids have become a more modern and natural take on the classic box braids hairstyles. This hairstyle is a frequent visitor on our Instagram feed and it shows that it has become a favourite protective hairstyle for most and we can see why. The low tension, simple maintenance, and lightweight manageability make these braids a standout protective style, especially for people looking to achieve hair growth without damage.

Why people are loving these braids!

It’s painless. These braids are a worthy alternative to traditional box braids because there is little to no tugging or tightness that results in painful braiding experience. PS. You shouldn’t be popping pills right after getting your hair braided. The less tugging and tension on the scalp allows for little to no scalp irritation and pain as discussed above.

It’s less bulky. Due to the absence of a knot at the crown of your hair and the feed-in method, knotless box braids allow for a more natural look and finish. The lightweight look also allows for versatile styling. Pack it up or wear it down, knotless box braids give you the opportunity to style your hair however you want.

Are knotless braids worth the hype?

Knotless box braids are the new trendy take on traditional box braids and the fresh, natural, low maintenance look is becoming a household hairstyle but are they truly as good as they look? As great as knotless braids sound, there are a few drawbacks to this hairstyle from the time it takes to install to the amount of money it costs. There are certain factors that you should consider when making your decision. 

The amount of time. Knotless braids like traditional box braids take up to four to eight hours and arguably last for about six to eight weeks. 

The price. The amount of money it costs to install this natural and seamless hairstyle can also be a drawback. Depending on the stylist and style specifications such as length and thickness, the price of an install can be from $160 to over $600 which to some, might be quite pricey.

Prepping your hair for knotless braids

If adequate care is not taken before protective styling, it is possible to damage your hair, hence it is important to prep your hair before installing your knotless braids. An ultimate tip is to ensure that you go through your pre-styling process very slowly and carefully. 

Wash. Gently and thoroughly cleanse your hair from scalp to remove product buildup whilst also finger detangling to eliminate knotting.

Deep condition. A good deep conditioning treatment will deeply nourish your hair strands and keep your hair moisturized and healthy, reducing breakage and shedding. Check out some of our favourite deep conditioners in our affiliate shop here.

Moisturize. You want to solidify your prep routine by adding and sealing in moisture to your hair. After deep conditioning, use a water based leave-in conditioner like the Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In Conditioner as a primer and seal with an oil. 

After taking these steps to prep your hair, you are ready to install your knotless braids!


How to install knotless braids

Once you’re ready to bring your braids to life, let’s get braiding! Get to your nearest beauty supply store or online and get your braiding extensions.

  1. Start by stretching your braiding hair and sectioning them.

  2. Next start parting your hair into sections. Use a rat tail comb or precision comb to ensure that your sections are sleek and neat. How big your sections are depends on how large you want your braids to look. 

  3. Begin braiding your hair and feed in your braiding hair as needed bearing your desired length in mind 

  4. Seal the ends with hot water or curl the ends.

  5. Decorate with hair accessories such as hair cuffs, beads or any other decorative pieces to spice up your braids.

  6. Rock your knotless braids and make sure to tag us on the ‘gram!

Caring for your braids

Never underestimate taking care of your braids after installing them! This is especially important if you need to increase or extend the lifespan of your braids. Wrap your hair in a satin scarf or bonnet at night, alternatively, use a satin pillowcase for that extra protection and to leave your braids looking neat. Don’t neglect your scalp. Always remember to moisturize it from time to time. If you feel the need to wash your scalp while your braids are still in, I recommend the Mizani pre cleanser, its direct-to-scalp applicator makes it easy to apply to protective styles.

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All products listed here.

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