The struggle is real when it comes to taking good care of your toddler’s hair. In today’s post,  we’ll be taking you through how to simplify hair styling routines  for children  so if you’ve been looking for tips to style your toddler’s hair, here you go:

Our first tip is finding the perfect timing: You know your child’s moods the best and you wouldn’t want to start styling when they are squirmy or cranky.

Secondly, you would need to set the mood: Whether it’s their favourite snack or favourite TV show. Make sure that they are doing an activity that will keep them still and occupied for the majority of that. Also you can turn this into a bonding session with your child, create conversations that will serve as positive experience and get them to embrace their hair as children

3. Be gentle: For a majority of us in the black hair community, our dread for hair styling began as children. To make sure that hairstyling for your toddler is a positive experience, you will need to be very gentle and patient. Use good products and detangle very carefully with the right tools.

4. Use protective hairstyles: Creating tension free and long-lasting hairstyles is a holy grail for hairstyling for toddlers.  Protective hairstyles keeps the ends of the hair tucked away and minimises manipulation and gives the ends of the hair a break which is especially important for toddlers. 

Lastly, try as much as possible to be realistic about your expectations for your child’s hair. These videos are just for inspirational and educational purposes so don’t be disappointed if you try out these hairstyles and they don’t turn out to be as perfect as you want them. Social media shows many ideals that may or may not be reality for many of us. Know your child and your child’s hair and make appropriate choices accordingly.